How Financial Fingerprint™ Can Help You Achieve Retirement Success

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Financial Planning

A quick Google search will show hundreds of companies promising to help you reach your financial goals. While these resources may seem abundant, their value can sometimes be opaque.

At Brookstone Wealth Management, our process is simple and transparent. Our experienced advisors use state of the art technology to clearly define your outcomes and the steps needed to reach them. We call this process Financial Fingerprint™ because your financial plan should be as unique to you as your fingerprint.

What is Financial Fingerprint™?

Through decades of managing our clients’ wealth, the team of tax, legal, and financial professionals that support Brookstone Wealth Management created Financial Fingerprint™ – a comprehensive wealth management program that is quick to assemble, easy to understand, and simple to modify as your circumstances change.

Quick to Assemble

Your Financial Fingerprint™ can be assembled in a single meeting with your financial advisor – in about an hour. Although it is quick to assemble, Financial Fingerprint™ is comprehensive, covering all aspects of your financial journey.

Easy to Understand

This innovative program is easy to understand, even if you don’t have a financial background. If you have questions about your financial plan, our advisors are always happy to answer them.

Simple to Modify

A financial plan should be a living document and Financial Fingerprint™ is no exception. As your priorities and financial position change, your Financial Fingerprint™ changes as well. Adapting your Financial Fingerprint™ is simple through an ongoing relationship with your financial advisor at Brookstone Wealth Management.

In addition to adapting your financial plan document, we help you tailor your financial decisions to each stage of life. Our focus is on coaching, teaching, and mentoring our clients so you can feel confident in your financial journey.

Components of Financial Fingerprint™

A comprehensive financial plan is a vital first step on your retirement planning journey. That is why your Financial Fingerprint™ covers all the following aspects of your retirement plan.

Analysis of Your Current Financial Position

At your first meeting, you and your advisor will review and analyze your current financial position. This includes cash flow items like income, expenses, and current retirement account contributions.

Additionally, your advisor will help you value your assets like your retirement accounts, cars, and homes. Your debts are also an important aspect to consider, so your advisor will account for how your short and long-term obligations fit into your financial plan. Once you know where you stand, you can determine where you want to go.

Clearly Defined Outcomes

Your advisor will seek to understand your vision for the future through active listening and an open conversation. Through this process, you and your advisor can set specific outcomes that match your vision for the future. Whether you want to retire early, plan for an active retirement, or continue your current lifestyle into retirement, your advisor will help put these outcomes into words.

Required Rate of Return™

Your Required Rate of Return™ [RRoR™] is the key to retirement success. This calculation involves comparing your guaranteed sources of income to your anticipated retirement expenses. Then, your advisor can calculate how much your investments need to earn to cover the difference.

How Financial Fingerprint™ Helps You Reach Your Retirement Outcomes

Once your current financial position and retirement outcomes are clearly defined, your advisor will work with you to develop strategies for making your outcomes a reality. These strategies could include:

Tax Management

With a team of experienced tax professionals supporting your financial plan, your advisor can suggest strategies to minimize the impact of taxes on your income and investment returns.


Your advisor will suggest investments that seek to help you grow your retirement assets during your saving years and supplement your income during retirement. These investments are chosen based on your specific situation and risk tolerance.

Risk Management

An emergency could derail your retirement plan, so your advisor will work with you to mitigate that risk. This could include ensuring that you have enough life insurance to care for your family, discussing long term care concerns, and even analyzing your workplace benefits.

Maximizing Government Benefits

When you near retirement, many new financial planning questions arise. These often include when to begin drawing Social Security and how Medicare fits into your overall retirement plan. Your advisor can help you address these concerns.

Estate Planning

Your financial plan should also include estate planning. This process helps you ensure that your assets are split according to your wishes after your death. A comprehensive estate plan can help minimize effort and expense for your beneficiaries and help you feel confident that your wishes will be carried out.

Ongoing Support

Your life, income, and expenses change over time and your financial plan should adjust as well. Our experienced advisors will help you adjust your plan based on changing market conditions and life experiences.

As you can see, Financial Fingerprint™ brings the most important aspects of your financial life together in one easy to understand plan. With this plan, and an ongoing relationship with an experienced advisor, you can turn your dream retirement into a reality.

Plan for a Successful Retirement with Financial Fingerprint™ from Brookstone Wealth Management

Your dreams are waiting, and they’re worth planning for. At Brookstone Wealth Management, we can help you get there.

If you are ready to start achieving your dream retirement, contact us today. In about an hour, we can develop your Financial Fingerprint™ and get you on the path to your True North.